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The 3 Must Have Items

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Here are our 3 MUST have items for your child's closet

1. Rompers - rompers are the best! It's a whole outfit in one, you don't have to worry about shorts falling down and shirts riding up. You can carry them in your nappy bag as a spare change of clothes and they don't take up much room. Pair them with a cute pair of sandals and it's an outfit your child can wear anywhere.

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2. Bloomers - bloomers are next, they are a life saver in summer. Whether you are heading to the beach or just hanging around home, cover up the unsightly nappies with a pair of cute bloomers. Also both my boys went through a stage of taking their nappies off which can be quite messy if there is a surprise in there, bloomers are a great way to stop this and keep the clothing minimal in the heat.

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3. T-shirts - who doesn't love a good tshirt? and you can never have enough when it comes to your child's closet. If they are going to spill something or wipe their dirty hands on somethings its most likely going to be on their shirt. We have about 3 tees to every 1 pair of shorts for our boys for this reason.

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